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AMX Red Vectored Thrust 64mm 5CH RC EDF Jet - PNP

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AMX Red Vectored Thrust 64mm 5CH RC EDF Jet - PNP

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Product Information

The AMX International AMX "Ghibli" is a ground-attack aircraft which has been specifically designed for battlefield interdiction, close air support and reconnaissance missions. The AMX is capable of operating at high subsonic speed and low altitude, by day or night, and if necessary, from bases with poorly equipped or damaged runways.It was built in a joint venture between Brazil and Italy. Low IR signature and reduced radar equivalent cross-section help prevent detection, while low vulnerability of structure and systems aid survivability. Integrated ECM, air-to-air missiles and nose-mounted guns provide self-defence capabilities. This combination of features enabled the Italian Air Force's AMX squadrons to fly 252 combat sorties over Kosovo as part of Operation Allied Force, without a single loss.

Picture of an Italian air force AMX Fighter aircraft landing below:

The AMX has something extra for you though: it features vectored thrust.

Thrust vectoring is the ability of an aircraft to direct the thrust from its engine(s) in a direction other than parallel to the vehicle's longitudinal axis. The technique was originally employed to provide upward vertical thrust as a means to give aircraft vertical (VTOL) or short (STOL) takeoff and landing ability. Soon, it was realised that using vectored thrust in combat situations enabled aircraft to perform manoeuvres not available to conventional-engined planes.


So, what does all this mean? Well, you've got a 64mm ducted fan with powerful 14.8v battery, and 5ch electronics. Coupled with the vectored thrust, this gives you one of the fastest and most agile model aeroplanes on the market for this price. This plane will travel at speeds in excess of 100mph. You will not be disappointed!

Product Features

  • Pre-painted foam fuselage & wings
  • 90% assembled
  • Pre-installed electrics
  • CAD engineering quality
  • Stunning paintwork
  • 64 mm electric ducted fan
  • State of the art components
  • Can perform amazing aerobatics
  • Approx 15min flight time
  • Range: 1000m

Product Specifications

  • Wingspan: 692mm
  • Length: 868mm
  • Flying Weight: 680g
  • Wing area: 9dm²
  • Wing Load: 75g/dm²
  • Four 9 gram servos
  • 64mm Ducted fan
  • Brushless Powered: Powerful 2061 outer runner brushless motor
  • 45A ESC

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